Sunday, May 14, 2006


These are from Weekend Knitting. The light blue is knit exactly following the pattern, for the purple and yellow I switched to yellow when I joined to work in the round. The purple and yellow yarn is Lion Brand Microspun. The light blue is yarn from a sweater I bought at goodwill and unwound. It's some cotton/acrylic blend, but I don't remember quite what. Click here for a site with a great tutorial about recycling yarn by unwinding commercially made sweaters. I made two more of these out of the discontinued Lion Cotton-ease with white petals and a light yellow center to sell at a benefit for Heifer International. I found that the microspun version is very floppy and a bit rough on the face (it leaves my face a bit itchy) but I love the recycled yarn one. I didn't try either of the others.

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