Thursday, May 11, 2006

Socks for Eliza!

Socks for Eliza. Plymouth Alpaca in several different colors, size 3 needles. Ann Norling Basic Adult Socks pattern #12. I modified the pattern (cast on 52, which is between two recommended sizes, and modified as necessary). The socks are a tiny bit wide for her, but they are good for sleeping in or for wearing under boots, and they can be reblocked to fit her a bit better. If you look carefully you can see some cryptology homework under her feet! I did a lot of the knitting for these socks in the airplane on the way to and back from the Philippines.

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Daniella said...

Rachel, It is a pleasure to see this lovely website and your great artistry. I especially appreciate the several references to Eliza, and to reflect upon your many gifts to her. I would recommend the site to anyone interested in creative crafts and also to see how nicely you describe the projects, weaving in your friendships.

Enjoy the summer and we will see you in the fall!

Fondly, Daniella