Friday, May 12, 2006

change purse

After making Eliza's socks, I had a bit of black Plymouth alpaca left. I made this little change purse. I was going to try felting it, so I put it through the laundry once, but I kind of liked the way it was (and was out of quarters) so it's not really felted at all.

On size 3 DPNs, CO8. Knit in stockinette stitch until work measures 3.5". Pick up and knit stitches around the base (I have no idea how many I picked up on the sides, but it was definitely 8 at the end for symmetry). Knit in the round for 3.5", BO all sts.

Stitch a 4" zipper into the top of the bag (I liked the roll, so I stitched the zipper below the roll, but I imagine it would be possible to stitch it right at the top).

The purse is fine in plain black, but I embroidered a little flower on the bottom in embroidery floss from a craft store. I just made up the design as I went along.

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