Wednesday, January 30, 2008

inauguration day scrap wrap

A bunch of people in my Knitting Liberally group are making 'inauguration day' scarves. They're knitting two rows of a different color of yarn scraps they have sitting around each day as a countdown to the inauguration of a new president. Although I sadly disposed of many of my yarn scraps when I moved last year, I've generated a few more. One problem with the scarf idea from my perspective is that you either have to weave in 732 ends (ick) or you have a scarf with a fringe on one side (also, in my opinion, ick). So I'm going to make a triangular wrap instead. I cast on two stitches on the 20th (that's a lie. I did it all this morning and caught up to where I should be), and I'm going to increase one stitch every three days. The fringe will be on the angled side, the bottom of the wrap. Another advantage: I can get rid of some larger scraps - 20 yards or so from a project that used most of a ball. I might have to acquire some more scraps before the whole thing is finished, but the KL folks are planning to have a scrap swap sometime soon to deal with this problem.

In case you're interested in Knitting Liberally, it meets on Tuesday at 5 at the Yellow Sofa in downtown Northampton (sometimes it's hard to find this sort of information, and now, voila, it's googleable in case it wasn't before).

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