Monday, August 06, 2007

Intermezzo: A cooking magazine you shouldn't subscribe to

I really like to read cooking magazines, and I've been getting some very enjoyable ones. Intermezzo is not one of them, I had my third go-round with their customer service today. Two years ago my sister subscribed me to CHOW, a fun cooking magazine that sort of focused on younger people than, say, Gourmet. Intermezzo bought CHOW or something, CHOW stopped printing (Aside: their website, is still around, and is reasonably good, but I liked the magazine better) and Intermezzo converted my subscription to their magazine. They did not offer my money back or anything like that. In the YEAR since the subscription conversion, I have received exactly two issues of this so called 6-a-year magazine. Several e-mails to customer service have assured me that issues are in print (although no such assurance in the most recent exchange of e-mails). Furthermore, the magazines were full of mediocre essays about other people taking cooking classes in foreign destinations and things like that, with few recipes or tips. I kept the whole issue of CHOW, which I occasionally look through (and use) for recipes, but I couldn't even find one recipe I wanted to cut out of the most recent (and by most recent, I mean something like February) Intermezzo. It's too bad they had to kill CHOW, but Intermezzo doesn't cut it as a substitute.

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