Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monkeys take Dupont Circle

I had a brilliant idea for Christmas for my grandma. She lives in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC, so I wanted to buy her the Neighborhood Fiber Company sock yarn in the Georgetown colorway. Sadly, they don't make Georgetown. So I settled for Dupont Circle, which is nearby (indeed, it's the closest metro stop, so I went through Dupont every time I went to visit her). I took a quick look at the yarn online, and it looked like a cute purple semi-solid. I put in a call to A Tangled Skein, my favorite NFC supplier, and a few days later the yarn was in the mail. When I opened it, I discovered that there is no way to call this yarn purple. It is pink. Very pink. My grandmother isn't really a pink person. I cast on and knit halfheartedly. The socks looked really big. I frogged. I cast on again. I knit quarterheartedly. Finally, I threw up my hands in despair and made a donation to the Georgetown Public Library restoration fund (the library burned down last year). Thankfully the donation went over very well as a Christmas present. Tears (of happiness) were shed. I don't think my socks would have done that. But I finally got around to finishing them. They're quite comfortable, and look excellent on moi. The only problem: since I didn't buy the yarn in person, I got an extra skein, just in case. Now I probably have three socks worth of NFC Dupont Circle sitting around. I don't know how many pairs of pink socks my wardrobe can absorb!

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