Sunday, July 09, 2006

Eliza's Wristies in China

Here's a photo of Eliza wearing her wrist warmers in China. They're a little hard to see (since they are grey and her jacket is a very worn black) but she's definitely wearing them!

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Lemon-Lime said...

oh so attractive

I happen to be in front of the People's Palace, the official history museum of the Chinese Revolution, which over the last 60 or so years of its existence has been closed for about 25 years at various points for...well...there's no polite way to describe the rewriting of history, is there?

And it was gosh-darn cold in Beijing in January! Rachel's wristies and my pockets were all I needed to keep my hands warm, though. They were perfect--I could wear them and be toasty, and still eat a fried dumpling pastry in the hutong.