Saturday, June 10, 2006

bottle of wine

For my roommate Alice's birthday, I knit her a wine bottle cozy from knitty. Would you ever guess that her favorite color is pink? I knit it in the round, which required some modifications to the pattern. The eyelet row should be knit as follows: k2, k2tog, YO, [p2tog through back loop, YO, k2, k2tog, YO] to last two stitches, p2tog through back, YO. To knit the bottom, I did the stitching she suggested in the round, and it came out a bit too small, probably since I eliminated the crocheting that she used to attach the flat piece. Next time I would just add a few more knit rows between the decreases. I used Red Heart Kids in the Dream Girl color.


Anonymous said...

you're my dream girl.

Anonymous said...

you have a knitting blog?! That's awesome! and you posted my birthday awesome.