Sunday, February 18, 2007

knitting clubs

For those of you keeping score, I now go to 2 knitting clubs! One at the Savory Cafe in Takoma Park, and one at Adega Wine Cellar in Silver Spring, on various Tuesday nights. If you are a knitting friend planning to visit and you'll be here on a Tuesday, you'll probably get dragged along!


This knitty hat is made of soy silk. Eliza really wanted the boings (although there is some contention in our household about whether they should be called boings or dweedles). It's knit out of a soy silk-wool blend. The yarn was much thinner that recommended, which required a lot of math and produced a thinner and slightly less warm hat.

Kale Scarf

This spiral scarf looks a lot like kale. Except it's purple. The model is my mother, but she looked so unhappy in the picture that I had to take her head off. Here's the pattern, which was printed in the Washington Post. I even got my yarn at the place advertized in the article. (It was alpaca. Expensive.)